Sankirtana news are promising this time. February is usually a slow month but there was increase over the previous months AND over February of previous year, from before COVID. More sets, for example, were distributed this February than the last – 724 over 447. More importantly, India is “back online”, which actually means “back on sankirtana”, restoring the usual order in the universe. Indian devotees lead their North American brothers 5 books to 1, and North Americans lead Russians 2 to 1, and Russians lead Europeans. This is a familiar order of things and it means COVID is getting firmly into our rear view mirror. Another interesting observation is that top ten small temples distributed more books that top ten medium ones. We can’t expect then to beat Los Angeles or Delhi but their sankirtana spirit is remarkable, and it’s geographically very wide as well – apart from usuals like India, US, and Russia, there is Bangladesh and Mexico among top ten small temples. We also have top ten entries from Brazil and Bulgaria! The grassroots revolution is still going on and it surely pleases Srila Prabhupada and Lord Caitanya. Full report is here.
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