“Virtual Protection” is not something you would want for your own children, but this word creeps into everything organized online these days, and so we have “First Virtual Child Protection Office Conference in North America.” Despite the name of the conference, ISKCON CPO is dedicated to offering real, not virtual protection to our children and sharing of problems faced by communities as well as working solutions is most certainly welcome. On the other side of the world there is a free premier of a documentary describing life experiences of girls growing up in India and it’s called “Road To Vrindavan”, as their long journey ends at Sandipani Muni’s school in the Holy Dhama. This documentary received warm praise from Malala Yousafzai and her father. Malala is the world famous advocate of women’s education and the youngest recipient of Noble Peace Prize for her activism. Incidentally, she was born in the same year that ISKCON Child Protection Office was established – 1997. Free viewing is available until 5 AM Bangkok time tomorrow but they strongly encourage people to give a donation.
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