Puri Ratha Yatra was celebrated earlier this week, with minimum guest presence due to Covid. See the pictures here. Meanwhile, this weekend is Ratha Yatra in Toronto, usually one of the biggest in North America. Chariots of New York Ratha Yatra, for example, come from Canada – except this year when cross border movement is restricted. Even in Toronto itself full Ratha Yatra is not possible so devotees organized a “Drive-through” events, taking the deities of Lord Jagannatha, Baladeva, and Subhadra in a the back seat of Mercedes-Benz convertible through the streets of the city and specifically through several locations where devotees gather in large numbers to meet Their Lordships. They will stop at large parking lots of local Vishnu Mandir and Hindu Sabha, for example – They are Lords of the entire universe, not just ISKCON. Florida, meanwhile, usually gets eight Ratha Yatras in one summer but this year there will be only two. One was last month in Daytona, as we reported, and one can see the pictures here. Next Florida Ratha Yatra will be in Clearview in September. Meanwhile, Mahavishnu Swami’s travelling party has been last seen in Zurich, Switzerland, where they had Swiss Ratha Yatra, which looked like a very pleasant and lovable affair – as you can see in the picture, Their Lordships were definitely happy.

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