“India” is named after the river Indus which, ironically flows mostly through modern day Pakistan, which is India’s sworn enemy. Krishna Consciousness is transcendental to such divisions, however, and Srila Prabhupada was eager to spread it to Pakistan as early as the 70s. He famously sent two of his early and trusted disciples to preach into East and West Pakistan (before Bangladesh became an independent country), but the effort was cut short because of deteriorating security situation and Srila Prabhupada couldn’t stand the possibility of his disciples losing their lives. Bangladesh today has a thriving Hare Krishna community but Pakistan has not been as fortunate so far, therefore the news about the state of the preaching program there is very welcome. There are three temples there now, as well as five smaller centers, and devotees conduct regular programs for the pubic, especially in Baluchistan where there is a large Sikh community. It would really be a miracle if ISKCON is able to penetrate decades of animosity between India and Pakistan and unite its people’s on the basis of love and devotion to God. The task is so great that Srila Prabhupada said that he would take dust of devotees who can preach in Muslim countries on his own head. Read more details of the state of Pakistan preaching program here.
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