Last Sunday was appearance day of Lord Caitanya and today is the appearance day of Srivasa Pundita, the member of Panca Tattva and the leader of all Mahaprabhu’s devotees. We didn’t have reports from actual Gaura Purnima festivities for our newsletter last Sunday so here is a short recap. United News of India reported that Mayapur temple was visited by 40,000 devotees, mostly Indian due to travel restrictions, but more that 25 lakhs (2.5 million) people logged in to watch the ceremonies online. The abhishek ceremony lasted for three hours and there are hundreds of photos from Mayapur here. Or you can watch half an hour drama about Lord Caitanya’s appearance by Bhaktivedanta Manor devotees here, or fifteen minutes play on Lord Caitanya and Ramacandra Puri by female devotees from Alachua here. On Gaura Purnima day Ekalavya Prabhu also received sannyasa initiation and is now he is Sri Krishna Caitanya Swami. In the picture is overview of Mayapur from Sri Chaitanya Cultural World Heritage Center. Magnificent, isn’t it?
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