Book distribution results came out for the month of June – these scores have always been like the heartbeat of our movement. Sometimes it slows, sometimes it races ahead. Covid-19 pandemic is the most serious external threat to our preaching and we hope it passes soon. Book distribution scores are heavily depressed around the world but there are good news, too. Overall to day, over 1.2 million books have been distributed this year, which is half of 2.4 million distributed by this time last year. Nevertheless, ISKCON SIlicon Valley actually posts higher scores than last year – as you can see in the accompanying chart (off the chart spike is December marathon), and it’s due to their preparedness to switch to online book distribution and, of course, due to foresight of their leader Vaisesika Prabhu. He designed this temple to be built for digital life from ground up, all their walls are wired with internet, audio and visual connections there. In June they distributed over 23,000 books – about a thousand books each working day. 368 devotees were on the phones there, taking part in Bhaktivinoda Thakur’s marathon. Los Angeles and New York took the second and third place respectively, with traditional powerhouse New Delhi coming in fourth place with half the points of New Yorka Harinama Ashram and ten times less than Silicon Valley! It looks like we are witnessing Darwinism’s survival of the fittest in real life – adapt or die.
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