Corona virus pandemic is almost over, with some temples starting “soft” re-openings. Alachua community, for example, now allows strictly controlled Deity darshans – one has to schedule visiting time first, register, have his temperature taken and so on. Interestingly, devotees are not allowed to offer dandavats in the temple. Watch the instructional video here. Yesterday was the first time our Bangkok ABAC center welcomed visitors to the regular Saturday program, too. Last year we mentioned “high tunnels” build in New Vrindavan and this is the first planting season when devotees can reap full benefits. While outside temperatures are still very low, ikale, lettuce, spinach, turnips and radishes have already been growing inside. In a few weeks time 120 tomato plants will be ready to harvest along with beets, carrots, green beans, and fava beans, and they are just getting started. Other New Vrindavan families are also taking their gardening very seriously this year and the list of what they plan to grow this year would be impossibly long. In prasadam distribution news, Parasuram Prabhu joined Rock’n’Roll Rescue Hub in North London, sponsored by rock’n’roll stars. Here’s a short video introduction. Generally, rock’n’roll is considered devilish music but singers are usually generous people and, as Parasuram jokes, Devil himself is welcome to come and demonstrate his famous pot-stirring skills. Indian Padayatra devotees have been stranded in Sawantwadi in Maharashtra but because town mayor is close friends with the devotees he made generous donations to take care of Gaura Nitai deities, the devotees, and their bulls. Meanwhile, ISKCON Ministry of Education is inviting devotees to take part in the annual symposium which will be held online this year.
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