This is in preparation for the book launch later this month – it will be free for those who attend the online presentation on 22-23 August weekend so we need to be prepared. During the launch there will be kirtans and interviews with the compiler and the contributors. This is a collections of essays, articles, papers, conference reports – everything related to “The Emergence of Women’s Voices in ISKCON” during 1988-2020 time period. A lot has happened during this time, most notably formation of Vaishnavi Ministry. Or one might say that distinct ISKCON style harinama dance led by our female devotees had a bigger effect on our society since it has become ubiquitous and it’s hard to imagine any our event without “matajis doing their dance”. The launch will be hosted on Vaishnavi Ministry Facebook page and Nadiya Mani, the singer of Gurvastaka prayers we featured last month, will start the kirtan and it will be followed by the interview with Mother Pranada, Srila Prabhupada’s disciple who compiled this book. It will be 9 PM in Thailand, on Saturday, August 22.
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