Last week we mentioned how Ratha Yatra in Jagannatha Puri was about to be cancelled by the court order, first time in 285 years, but Lord’s devotees there, led by the King of Puri, were not about to concede and filed a large number of appeals hoping to obtain a permit, and their efforts paid off. The attendance was restricted, no pilgrims were allowed in the city, but still the festival happened on schedule and here you can see a seven and a half public broadcast video with Hindu, English, and Sanskrit commentary. In the picture, however, you can see ISKCON Ratha Yatra festival in Rijeka, Croatia, claiming to be the first after lockdown (21.06.20), and there are more pictures here. Don’t hesitate – click on that link and see for yourself how much we are missing without Ratha Yatra festivals – the colors, the dancing, the bliss, and Jagannatha prasadam, too! Meanwhile, devotees in Vilnius, Lithuania, held their Ratha Yatra on Saturday before and so they should claim the crown of being the first. A couple of videos from that festival are here.
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