Never mind the pandemic, Amphan, the biggest cyclone in history of Bay of Bengal, made a landing in the middle of last week. The winds reached 160 km/h but Mayapur was largely spared. Neither TOVP nor the existing temple nor Prabhupada samadhi nor goshala were damaged. The picture gives the general feel and there are more pictures here. Some straw huts were destroyed and some houses lost their tin roofs but that was about it. Lots of trees and electricity poles fell down in the area, making the roads impassible, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed in a short time. In the meantime, TOVP has released it’s May Newsletter and big surprise was that, despite the lockdown and the pandemic, they managed to meet their fundraising target for 10 day Nrisimha Caturdasi marathon. Thousands of devotees made donations, some big, some small. So far, construction work is going on as scheduled. On the subject of charity – please watch this heartfelt appeal by devotees in Vrindavan led by Dina Bandhu Prabhu and Daivishakti Mataji.
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