Nurture our future. When we educate a child, we educate our future. Srila prabhupada always emphasized on spiritual teachings as now in the educational institutes the education is only of the body. During the school breaks, in the months of April and October, children from different parts of Thailand join (Bangkok, Chaam, Koh Samui, Phuket). The program includes morning japa walk with HH BVV Narasimha maharaj and senior devotees. Then morning prayers guruvastakam, nrisimha prayers, tulsi arati, guru puja and then Srimad bhagawatam class by maharaj. Senior vaisnavas give classes on different dynamics. During the daytime, Thai devotees give classes on philosophy, lilas, instruments, cooking, drama, bhagawat gita and chanting the holy name. Archana mataji would teach practical classes including demonstrations on how to perform arati, wearing tilak in different parts of the body, wearing vaisnava attire etc. Devotees would go to the stadium for playing ball or swimming. The days would end with evening prayers lots of kirtan and memorisation of BG slokas.

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