Everyone is thinking “I am American, I am Indian, I am European, I am Australian”, “I am Rich, I am Poor, I am this, I am that” – bodily concept. We have to cleanse this bodily conception of life that “I am not this body”. “Aham Brahmasmi” I am spirit soul.

In the Bhagavad Gita it is said:

“Janma-mrtyu- jara-vyadhi – dukha-dosanudarsanam”

We are trying to be happy fighting with unhappiness, but we do not know our real unhappiness are that we have to die, we have to take birth again, we have to become diseased and we have to accept old age. This is intelligence that I am trying to solve all the problems of life by advancement of civilization, education, scientific knowledge and so many other things. That’s all right, but what is the solution of these four miserable conditions? “BIRTH”, DEATH”, “OLD AGE “,”DISEASE “. And because we cannot make any solution, we set aside these four problems. We go on with the temporary problems and become busy to solve it and in this way we waste this valuable human form of life the cats and dogs.

The knowledge is there in the Vedic literature, 

Krsne Sva-dhamopagate Dharmo-Jnanadibhih saha

Kalau nastp-drsam esa Puranarko dhunodita

It is not a sectarian so called religious principle, It is scientific. Every human being should understand his position. Every human being should not waste his valuable time. This is the opportunity to understand GOD and make solution of all different types of birth and death and transmigration from one body to another. “I am a spirit soul Part and Parcel of GOD” 

This is human Intelligence.

“Therefore it not befitting an intelligent man to involve himself again in the activities of sense gratification by which he perpetually gets material bodies one after another”


GOD wants us

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